Letters to the Editor

Letter: Beautifying Batavia


To the Editor:

On behalf of the Batavia Plain Dirt Gardeners, I would like to thank Jacob Barth, the Barth family, and Boy Scout Troop 6.

As part of an Eagle Scout project, Jacob organized a spring clean-up at the Batavia Wildflower Sanctuary. The Scouts and their parents dead-headed plants, picked up litter, and helped create a trail through the woods.  They did a great job, and as if to show its approval, a bald eagle flew over at the end of the day.

The Wildflower Sanctuary and Riverwalk are located at the north end of Island Avenue in downtown Batavia, surrounding the Riverain apartment building. The public is invited to take a stroll along the Riverwalk to see all of the beautiful spring flowers that are blooming there right now.  

Sarah Kimber