Batavia water sampling program to pay off for volunteers

Batavia, one of the river city gems in Illinois, is undertaking a household drinking water monitoring project.[]

BATAVIA –  The city water department in Batavia seeks homeowners who want to participate in its lead/copper sampling program for drinking water.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates testing for lead/copper concentrations in drinking water, according to a news release, which notes that Batavia’s water successfully has complied with the regulation since the program began in the 1990s.

Potential homes used for testing should have been built before 1987, or have a lead water service line entering the basement. Homes with water softeners are ineligible, unless they have a hard water bypass to the kitchen faucet.

A city of Batavia water technician will complete a five-to-10-minute, in-home analysis to confirm one’s home meets specific plumbing criteria. The city will provide a $40 credit on water bills to those who participate in the testing program. People interested in participating can call the water division at 630-454-2450.