Letters to the Editor

Letter: Putting our state back on track


To the Editor:

Recently, officials in Springfield overrode the governor’s veto to finally enact a balanced budget for our state. Senior services, domestic violence shelters, nonprofit organizations and other life-saving programs and agencies are receiving the funding they deserve.

Additionally, road projects and construction are starting again, putting many people back to work repairing our crumbling infrastructure. The budget that our local state Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia supported brought millions to our local economy, which creates jobs and builds the middle class. Taking tough votes that balance the budget and asking the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share should be recognized, welcomed and praised, because if a budget was not enacted, and Gov. Bruce Rauner got his way, Illinoisans would be saddled with a $26 billion tax hike next year.

That is what our governor wants: an insurmountable and unending crisis to manufacture and blame on people willing to do their job. Faced with a governor who would rather campaign than do what’s right, I thank Chapa LaVia for taking the tough votes necessary to put our state back to work and back on track. 

Mark Guethle 

Village of North Aurora trustee