Letters to the Editor

Letter: Protect all of us


To the editor:

To all members of Congress – how much longer will it take for you to take the appropriate steps to have this president be subjected to a sanctioned mental examination to ensure our country is not being lead by someone with a major mental illness that is on display at 77-minute rallies (77!) for a race that is years away.

Is his only satisfaction being driven by praise from his sycophantic followers, or is it to do actual work to benefit all citizens of this country?

You have the power to ensure the person holding the highest office in the land is mentally and physically competent for the job. To listen to anything this president says, virtually all of it devoid of fact and most often him peddling conspiracy theories, demonstrates this crucial need to protect this country, ALL of its citizens and our allies from someone that shows all of the signs of not being fit for the office he holds.

Sen. Bob Corker [from Tennessee] shared this very thought. When will you do the same and enact what is necessary to protect all of us from a ranting madman?

Larry Gillie

St. Charles