Police Reports

Geneva police reports


• Criminal defacement was reported Aug. 22 to the abutments on the Crissey Avenue Bridge. According to police reports, the graffiti stated, “trust none,” “what,” “why,” and “who,” and a scribble in black and pink paint.

• Criminal defacement was reported Aug. 18 to the playground equipment at Williamsburg Elementary School, 1812 Williamsburg Ave., Geneva. According to police reports, someone used black marker to draw crude representations of male genitalia.

• Marcos E. Rutter, 25, of the zero to 99 block of North 19th Street, St. Charles, was charged Aug. 24 with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and speeding.

• Peter W. Leonard, 58, of the 700 block of Logan Avenue, Geneva, was charged Aug. 15 with misdemeanor domestic battery.