Letters to the Editor

Letter: What would Jesus do?


To the Editor:

About the proposed addiction center in Elburn, I would like residents to ask themselves: What would Jesus do?

Caring for and helping people should always be above the bottom line in your pocket book. I am ashamed that so many in Elburn cite the potential for lower property values as the main concern for saying no to the addiction center in town. If the center helped one person and one family regain someone they love so much from alcohol or drug abuse, then it is absolutely worth it.

Any person who has attended a village meeting or has a sign saying no addiction center in their lawn should take the time to attend an Al-Anon meeting. Whether you choose to turn a blind eye or not, it is a need.

I have been saddened by the neighboring communities that have said no. Anybody who wants help should be able to get help, and we have the opportunity to show ourselves as a caring community, instead of worrying about a fistful of perceived dollars. Sadly, we need the center because addiction of drugs and alcohol is a reality. Please don't turn the people who need help away.

Ask yourself, WWJD? 

Natalie Barr