Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stan Bond can make a difference

Stan Bond is running against incumbent Jack Cunningham for the Republican nomination for Kane County Clerk in the March 20 primary election.

To the editor:

If you live in Kane County, local politics can sometimes seem confusing. All voters in Kane County will vote for the office of county clerk, an office that impacts everyone because it handles vital records, business registrations, passports and elections. Stan Bond, who is running for county clerk in the primary this March, is someone who can make a difference for us all.

Here’s why: He’ll be conservative with your tax dollars, and he’ll bring new ideas to the clerk’s office. I know, because I’ve seen him do just that as a village trustee in Montgomery.

This is the time to bring much-needed change to the clerk’s office. Stan has the computer expertise and the experience to streamline the work done in the Kane County Clerk’s Office. Ask for a Republican ballot and vote for Stanton “‘Stan” Bond in the March 20 primary election or consider grace voting (early voting or vote by mail). Stan Bond can move the clerk’s office up to present technology standards and into the future!

Linda Pasetti-Olson