From the Editor's Desk: Random Acts really do Matter

Inspire kindness through everyday actions


I recently was impressed when I ventured out to Blue Goose Market (not only by the grocery store that admittedly is quite nice) but by the community effort from a Random Acts Matter group composed of baseball players who congregated there to help people by bagging and carrying their groceries.

I know I wasn’t able to focus on all the good that was done during the Random Acts of Kindness week, held Feb. 11 to 17, so I thought I would take this time to talk more about the positive acts undertaken in the local community.

Jim Di Ciaula, founder and president of Random Acts Matter, forwarded me a list of the actions that took place. I think they are noteworthy enough to share a few examples here.

Some of the acts were heartwarming, such as writing scholarship requests for underprivileged children to be able to participate in sports, visiting a nursing home and passing out candy, donating treats to homeless shelters, or delivering cards to children with cancer on Valentine’s Day.

I could see some of the other acts on the list as being a surprise that would brighten anyone’s day as people were noted to have paid it forward at drive-thrus and left money in vending machines with a note attached.

Random Acts Matter also prompted some people to show appreciation for their family and co-workers. One person delivered cupcakes to colleagues, and another was inspired to call a great-aunt.

Businesses even got in on the act, including Jessica Westerfield Photography, which gave out a free photography session. And Excel Automotive Repair gave away one car repair free to a random customer.

I could go on and on. Seriously, there are a lot of good deeds on this list with more than 80 items cited. Even if you don’t see the entire roster, you can learn a lesson. We should take away the reminder of what Random Acts Matter did that week in February; nothing is keeping us from acting with compassion each and every day.

So the next time you’re getting coffee, maybe consider paying for the person behind you. You never know if this will help them get through their day and maybe inspire them to do something nice as well.