Kane County preps Athlete of the Week: Stephanie Hart

Photo Courtesy of Geneva Community High School.

Name: Stephanie Hart

School: Geneva, senior

Sport: Basketball

Why she was selected: Hart hit the game-winning shot for Geneva in its 28-26 Class 4A state championship victory over Montini last weekend, a baseline jumper with three seconds remaining. Amazingly enough, it is the second consecutive year Hart hit the game-winning shot for a state title.

Hart, who will play collegiately at Lewis, caught up with Chronicle sports reporter Jacob Bartelson on her monumental night, community reaction and reflecting on her high school basketball career. Below is an edited transcript.

Bartelson: Can you put in perspective the fact you've hit game-winning shots in back-to-back years for state titles?

Hart: Wow, It still sounds insane hearing that! It feels like a movie to be honest. I never would've dreamt this in my wildest dreams.

Bartelson: Who was among the first couple of people to reach out to you? Any memorable standouts?

Hart: I don't know if this counts, but at the end of the game when me and Brie [Borkowicz] found each other, [and we] were hugging, [It] was pretty cool. Outside of the far the coolest was the little feeder girls. I used to be one of them, and I used to think the girls on the high school team were so good. To have [the] feeder girls look at us like that is one of the best feelings.

Bartelson: What was it like to get a police escort home, and then celebrate at Graham's in Geneva?

Hart: Driving through Geneva with the escort is so much fun! We all stick our heads out the windows and wave to everyone in their cars. Pulling up to Graham's was incredible. The support and love we all felt in the moment was unbelievable. We are so lucky to have a community that would do something like this for us!

Bartelson: You accomplished the mountain top in high school basketball – twice. What's your next challenge?

Hart: Tough question. As of now, I'm going to focus [on] improving my game until I go to Lewis, and start the next chapter of basketball.