Library to organize voting for kids

Early voting also to be held at the library


ELBURN – Kids will face a sticky situation when they choose to vote for the top candy out of four delicious candidates through March 15 at the Elburn Town and Country Public Library. They’ll also have a chance to vote on March 20. They can fill out their ballot in a special children’s voting booth that mimics a real-life one.

The event coincides with early voting, which began March 12 at the library and will continue noon until 7 p.m through March 15.

“The voting initiative is kind of two-fold,” said Dwayne Nelson, interim director of the Elburn Town & Country Public Library. “We want to help get the word out to vote and to have some fun with the kids.”

It’s also an educational opportunity to teach children about voting and how it is a constitutional right and privilege that all Americans have.

Nelson and his staff have numerous books about voting and elections on display as well as information about “Why do elections matter?”and “Why does voting matter?”

“Hopefully the introduction to the voting process is something that can make a lasting impression on these kids,” said Toni Baratono, an election judge who is working early voting at the library. “I think that also by doing it they can go home and discuss the process with their parents.”

According to the National Education Association, informed voting and voter rights are as important as ever. NEA believes this education begins in the classroom, helping to cultivate well-informed and educated students – students who are then confident and ready when it is their turn to take their place in the voting community.

Unless they are 18 and voting for real for the first time, teens that visit the library also have the opportunity to vote. They’re looking to elect the best pizza topping, with cheese, sausage and pepperoni all in the running. Apparently for any of you fans of anchovies out there – are they any of you out there? - it appears to be a write-in candidate.

What’s a write-in vote? That’s when someone chooses a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot.

The library invites those interested to visit and vote at 320 E. North St., Elburn.