Letter: A request for U.S. Rep. Hultgren to stand up for the environment

'I believe in climate change'


To the editor:

I am watching with absolute disgust as EPA [Administrator] Scott Pruitt announces the repeal of Obama-era regulations that would have required improved emissions and fuel economy standards for auto manufacturers. I am also watching with disgust as a group of, mostly white men, stand around and applaud.

Scott Pruitt is a man who has a history of climate change denial and of working with oil companies. He is someone who refuses to travel to places where he might have to interact with the people of America. He is so afraid that his policies are hated that he would rather not talk to or interact with any American at all.

Pruitt is single-handedly dismantling all of President Obama’s attempt to protect our environment and walking us back about 50 years in terms of environmental protections!

I believe in climate change, and I believe that climate change is driven by humans. Over 97 percent of all scientific studies support this.

I reject director Pruitt’s and the Trump administration’s distain for environmental protections, and ask you, Representative Hultgren, to do the same!

David Ouellette