Letters to the Editor

Letters: Farm bill will hurt local farmers

Young farmer expresses concern with farm bill


To the editor:

Affecting nearly every calorie of food grown and eaten in the USA, the farm bill is our government’s way of choosing the type of food system we have. Unfortunately, the farm bill draft recently introduced in the U.S. House makes clear that small-scale farmers like me, and the local consumers I feed, are not a priority.

Missing from the $867 BILLION bill are a number of programs that are relatively tiny in size, but that have a huge impact in growing our local food economy and creating economic opportunity. Funding for programs that promote local farmers markets, make organic certification available to more farmers and develop value-added products are completely eliminated.

I’m a young farmer, and the success of my business relies on the support of my community. I hope that readers who enjoy local food will step up and tell congress to fund local food programs in the farm bill.

Ellen Kamps
St. Charles