Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hultgren needs to practice what he preaches

'Where did the corporations' tax cuts go?'


To the editor:

Recently, I received Rep. Randy Hultgren’s newsletter which includes current issues and information on his activities. In the newsletter in referencing the balanced budget amendment, he stated “… Democrats obstruction, this vital step towards reigning in out-of-control government spending was thwarted” (Hultgren, April 21).

The balanced budget bill that he supported did not have a chance to pass. His vote did allow him to preach his support of a balanced budget, however, he did not practice what he preaches by his vote on the budget which increased the national debt by $1.3 trillion.

Economist indicated the so-called budget approach only raises the debt and will not be paid off by the tax incentives. In fact, fewer than 45 companies of the big companies have paid out cash bonuses to their workers (USA Today, April 13, 2018). Where did the corporations' tax cuts go? Dividends to the stockholders and stock buybacks are where the money went. So as Rep. Hultgren keeps preaching fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, his votes keep increasing the debt which will be paid off by taxpayers.

Joyce Laben
St. Charles