Face Time

Face Time with Kelsey Haas

Get to know Geneva store owner

Kelsey Haas[]

Naperville resident Kelsey Haas, 29, was at the store she co-owns, Strawflower Shop in Geneva, when she answered questions for the Kane County Chronicle’s Brenda Schory.

Schory: Where did you grow up?

Haas: Geneva

Schory: Do you have any pets?

Haas: A poodle-mix named Toews

Schory: First job?

Haas: Baby-sitting

Schory: Television series you would recommend?

Haas: “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Chicago Fire”

Schory: Favorite charity?

Haas: TriCity Family Services

Schory: Favorite ice cream flavor?

Haas: Chocolate

Schory: Favorite local restaurant?

Haas: Nosh in Geneva

Schory: What is an interesting fact about yourself?

Haas: I was captain of the varsity golf team in 2007, my senior year at Geneva High School.