Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hultgren isn't good for the environment

Voter asks people to reconsider Hultgren in favor of the environment


To the editor:

Since becoming our representative here in the 14th Congressional District of Illinois, Randy Hultgren has spent the majority of his tenure working against making our lives better. He has personally sponsored bills which roll back regulations that protect consumers from abuse by large banks and corporations and also which take money away from reliable teen pregnancy prevention programs in order to promote his belief of abstinence.

Randy Hultgren voted consistently to repeal the Affordable Care Act without considering those who would be without proper health insurance and fully supported the recent Tax Bill which as reported by several news outlets will mostly benefit the wealthy. Randy Hultgren currently votes in line with President Trump 95.8 percent of the time, according to the website fivethirtyeight.com.

So, it was to my surprise, especially after voting to remove pollution protections from our streams, voting to prevent the EPA from implementing standards to reduce methane pollution, voting to delay EPA standards for curbing ozone pollution, and voting to slash clean energy funding that Randy Hultgren has now suddenly joined a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

Randy Hultgren has had his chance to properly represent the good people of the 14th Congressional District and to protect us and our environment from further decline. He has failed. In fact, this decision to join the Climate Solutions Caucus, and on Earth Day nonetheless, is offensive and insulting after the years of neglect and harm he has participated in.

I believe that my fellow constituents are able to see through Randy Hultgren’s facade and urge them to remember his actual voting record when he is up for reelection in November. Randy Hultgren does not deserve another term.

Billy Malecki