Letters to the Editor

Letter: On the responsibility of government

Writer asks for voters to do a better job


Thomas Hobbes, one of the great world authorities on governance, describes a world of unrelenting insecurity when a country is without a government to provide the safety of law and order, protecting citizens from each other and from foreign foes. The horrors of little or no government to provide that function are on global display in the world's many fragile states.

Here in the good old USA our government is failing to protect us from each other. Congress lacks the courage to control guns and so we endure needless fear and anxiety about where and when the next AR-15 killing will be. It’s simply a bad idea to allow modern military type weapons in the hands of citizens. Crazies exist, they come out of nowhere, and we need to be protected from them. On Dec. 15, 1791, the day the Bill of Rights became law, our forefathers had no vision of what the gun technology would become. Muskets fire at the rate of two shots per minute, while modern AR-15s fire two shots per second. Surely, these weapons have no place in civilian hands. Military type weapons of all kinds need to be banned as well as armor piercing bullets and other military ammunition. Good hunters need but one shot!

Irresponsible business owners exist. It only takes a few, and without enforceable regulations they will quickly pollute our skies and water ways. Yet, the EPA says that our current regulations are too strict! Nonsense! Have you heard of Foxconn? How can our air be too clean, our water too pure or our food to healthy? Yet the EPA, which is supposed to protect us from abuse, wants to lessen regulations. How stupid is that! Have you noticed that citizens in China and India where coal is king wear masks? There is no such thing as “clean coal!” Stop believing in this nonsense and electing those who do.

We don’t need protection from immigrants. This is nothing but political rhetoric based on lies and discrimination to secure votes. What we really need is protection of the drug trade. Drugs destroy lives, create crime and drive up healthcare costs! Immigrants do productive work and pay taxes. Come on folks, we are wasting our tax dollars on immigration and useless walls, while the drug cartels walk across our borders.

Can we all make a pledge to do a better job when voting?

John S. Strauss
Campton Hills