Geneva charity launches fund drive for robotic infant simulators

Robotic babies help inexperienced moms prepare

Melissa Diaz, an employee of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, (left) and Andrea Johnson, the education projects manager for Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation, hold infant stimulator dolls used in a parent programming program. Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation launched a $5,000 GoFundMe effort to purchase four of these simulator dolls to use in programs to help parents with high anxiety about their parenting skills.[]

GENEVA –The Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation in Geneva launched a GoFundMe campaign, Babies for a Cause, to raise funds to purchase four Realityworks Inc. infant simulator dolls to use in their parent programming in Kane, DuPage, DeKalb and Cook counties, the agency announced in a news release.

The “Babies for a Cause” campaign needs to raise $5,000 by July 20 to start Facilitator Trainings in August and the Best Start Parenting Program in September, the release stated.

The Realityworks Inc. infant simulators have wireless programming and reporting capabilities. The infant simulators engage participants by crying to be fed, burped, rocked or changed and cooing when its needs have been met, the release stated.

The robotic infant simulators hold participants accountable by tracking, measuring and reporting on care events, mishandling actions, including shaken baby syndrome, head support and positioning, feeding and clothing changes, the release stated.

Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation previously has used the infant simulators in its Best Start programming at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.

One example of its success involved a participant who was a 15-year-old pregnant mom who began the program with high anxiety regarding her pregnancy.

The use of the infant simulators increased her self-confidence and offered practice in nurturing a newborn, as she used the baby in role plays to prepare for healthy motherhood, the release stated.

Information about the GoFundMe can be accessed at www.gofundme.com/babiesforacause.

Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation supports communities through its public health approach to support all families to help their children reach their full potential and well-being, the release stated.

This is an intergenerational health equity, trauma-informed approach that helps heal parents and children facing challenges.

Changing Children’s Worlds’ International Child/Parenting Development Program is implemented in more than 40 countries with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, national governments and universities, the release stated.