The Aurora Police Department has posted video of some of the events that transpired during the deadly shooting on Feb. 15 at Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora that left six people dead – including the shooter – and several police officers wounded. According to a press release, the department released the video to be "as transparent as possible."

"As with our decision to release audio related to this event, we were not careless in our judgment here, and we understand the disturbing nature of these images," Sgt. Bill Rowley,
public information officer for the Aurora Police Department, said in an email. "We understand, however, that as a matter of public interest and our ongoing commitment to transparency within our community, we agree that you have a right to see for yourself what transpired at the Henry Pratt facility that day where, sadly, five members of our community lost their lives, and five of our police officers were shot while simply doing their jobs."

The video depicts "the shooter as he prepares to ambush approaching officers, and shows the officers’ initial approach and subsequent entry into the Henry Pratt facility," Rowley said.

"The shooter was in possession of one pistol and eight pistol magazines, and we confirmed that he fired 64 rounds during this incident," he said.

Portions of the video have been excluded to protect the privacy rights of those involved, he said. In addition, he said there is no significant surveillance video available from inside the facility, other than that which captures the front foyer area, which is shown. The surveillance also cameras did not record sound.

The video has been posted to the Aurora Police Department's Facebook page and Twitter account.

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