ST. CHARLES – The space that until recently housed Gordy's Grill and Mart will not remain vacant for long.

"We are working [on] a new exciting concept that will fill that space and expect to be open late October," said building owner Curt Hurst, of Frontier Development, LLC, in an email.

Hurst said he was not at liberty right now to talk about what would fill the space.

Gordy's opened its doors in October 2018 at 101 E. Main St. in downtown St. Charles. A Starbucks cafe had previously been in the space.

Gordy's operated as a convenience store and also sold freshly made sandwiches. The space is in the building that also houses the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada.

Frontier Development recently purchased the Arcada building. The historic building first opened its doors in 1926 and attracted such performers as George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Frontier also recently purchased the former Chord on Blues building and has plans to build a two-story restaurant and office building at the northeast corner of Second Street and Illinois Street as part of the First Street redevelopment project in downtown St. Charles.

In June, Flagship on the Fox sports bar opened at 100 S. Riverside Drive in downtown St. Charles in the northern half of the building that formerly housed Chord on Blues.

Pollyanna Brewing Company plans to open later this year in the southern half of the building.

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