• A Bluetooth speaker valued at $60 was reported stolen Dec. 30 from an apartment at Batavia Apartments, 1200 E. Wilson St.

• A stop sign valued at $100 was reported stolen Dec. 30 from West Wilson Street and Western Avenue.

• A yield sign and and a railroad crossing sign were reported damaged Dec. 31
in the 1700 block of East Hubbard Avenue.

• A $500 plate glass window was reported accidentally damaged Dec. 31 at Olmstead’s TV & Appliances, 221 W. Wilson St.

• Malachi L. Lokan, 18, homeless, was arrested Jan. 1 on a warrant on a charge of violating an order of protection.

• The Batavia Park District’s baseball field’s outfield grass valued at $500 was reported damaged Jan. 1 at Big Woods Park, 1100 S. Raddant Road.

• David R. Abernathy, 70, of the 2S500 block of Deerpath Road, Batavia Township, was charged Jan. 2 with driving under the influence, driving with a blood alcohol content greater than 0.08% and illegal transportation of alcohol.

• A leather purse valued at $30, containing a passport and other documents, was reported stolen Jan. 4 from a car parked in the Lorlyn Apartments lot at 1054 Lorlyn Circle.

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