GENEVA – The Walrus Room, 415 W. State St., Geneva, posted on its website today that it is closed due to a case of COVID-19.

“We will be quarantining for the next couple weeks during which time we will be reviewing protocols to continue to offer a healthy, safe and enjoyable working and dining environment,” the posting stated.

“We look forward to re-opening to guests in July. Check our website and social media for updates and details,” the posting stated.

Walrus Room owner Marshall McCarty said they were notified on Tuesday about a person testing positive for COVID-19.

He would not state whether the person who contracted the virus is an employee, but the person who tested positive for COVID-19 is “someone I know who has mild symptoms and is feeling good.”

In an email, McCarty stated that the restaurant has been operating non-stop throughout the pandemic, “following all national, state and local guidance to do so safely.”

“Despite our best efforts, it was brought to our attention that COVID-19 had entered our orbit,” McCarty’s email stated. “Without hesitation, we made the only decision we could make, which was to close immediately. We were not compelled to do so by any authority other than that of moral authority and respect for the community we call home. All other guidance on the issue has been taken directly from the CDC website.”

McCarty’s email noted that while many were able to shelter in place during the pandemic, “restaurant workers have been nothing short of heroic.”

“There is no comparison to the work that our front-line doctors, nurses and first responders have been doing to keep us all well,” McCarty’s email stated. “But restaurant employees around the country have not received the credit they deserve for answering the call and continuing to work for their communities.”

The Walrus Room opened as a Wisconsin-type supper club in June 2018.

Also according to its website, the restaurant opened for outdoor seating June 4.

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