ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – A Campton Township woman derailed a possible robbery or burglary attempt by not following a sham request to leave her house to walk her property line, according to Kane County Sheriff’s reports.

A resident of the 43W400 block of Beith Road, Campton Township, reported that on July 24, a Hispanic man with a colored safety vest knocked on her door about 12:15 p.m. to say he was going to put up a fence, the report stated.

The woman told him the property line was clearly marked by a post, but he wanted her to come outside and walk around the property so that measurements could be taken, the report stated.

Because she had been burglarized the week prior when two men used a similar ruse, she said she did not feel safe stepping out of her house, the report stated.

After she told the man she would not leave her house, he said he would go talk to her neighbor, the report stated.

The man did not stop at the neighbor’s residence like he said he was going to.

Instead, the man left and entered a black pickup truck and was last seen going east on Beith Road at a high rate of speed, the report stated.

The woman told deputies nothing was taken from the property or residence and she did not see anyone else with the man.

Deputies advised her to report any suspicious vehicles or people on her property immediately, the report stated.

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