ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – A resident of the 43W600 block of Marian Circle South, Blackberry Township, reported losing $600 in a scam, according to Kane County Sheriff’s reports.

The resident had lost her Apple laptop computer and when using the “Find My” app, she spoke to a man on the phone who said he could help her locate the laptop, the report stated.

He told her he needed iTunes gift cars to cover processing fees that are state-mandated, the report stated.

So she went to Walgreens and other stores and purchased $600 worth of iTunes gift cards, then gave the scratch-off serial numbers to the man, the report stated.

She told deputies she was under the impression that she would get a portion of the amount back once the missing laptop was located, the report stated.

The deputy advised her that the man on the phone was running a scam and did not work for Apple. The deputy showed her the correct “Find My iPhone” app direct from Apple to use in the future and how to contact the company if needed.

She said she wanted the incident documented, the report stated.

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