ST. CHARLES – St. Charles aldermen are generally receptive to plans of a developer to build single-family houses and townhomes near Charlestowne Mall on the city's east side that are geared to empty nesters.

Concept plans call for 37 single-family homes and 23 attached single family buildings containing 92 townhouse units to be built on 28.54 acres of vacant land northeast of Charlestowne Mall and south of Foxfield Road. Joe Segobiano, of STCPR Consulting Inc., was seeking feedback on the plans. He is part of an investment company that has a contract to purchase the property.

STCPR Consulting Inc. is working with NVR, Inc., the parent company of builder Ryan Homes. The St. Charles City Council's Planning and Development Committee reviewed the plans at its meeting Monday. Plan commissioners previously reviewed the plans.

The townhouse units would be approximately 1,700 square feet, said Scott Shelton, of NVR, Inc. The single-family ranch homes would range in size from 1,900 square feet to 2,600 square feet. Homeowners would have the option of having a second floor added, he said.

"The empty nester demographic has been a pretty vibrant portion of the greater Chicago market for the last number of years," Shelton said, in talking to aldermen about the plans.

Ryan Homes recently developed the Highland Woods subdivision in Elgin.

Aldermen liked the plans.

"The architecture I think is good for the area," 5th Ward Alderman Ed Bessner said.

Fifth Ward Alderman Maureen Lewis said she thought a road connecting the subdivision to the Charlestowne Mall property was a good idea, especially since homes might be built on the mall property in the future.

"There could be another subdivision over in that parking lot area," Lewis said. "We just don't know. So I like the idea of having that option."

However, she didn't like the look of the garages on the plan. Plan commissioners had voiced similar concerns.

"They're a little prominent," Lewis said. "I remember when I came on the City Council 10 years ago, that was one of the things that we were trying to get around, not having the garages have such a presence in the home. So if we could kind of stay with that line of thinking, I would appreciate that."

The land use plan adopted as part of the city's 2013 comprehensive plan identifies the west portion of the land as corridor/ regional commercial and the east portion as multi-family residential. As proposed, the entire proposal would be rezoned for residential.

A traffic study will be done to determine the proposal's impact on the area.

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