MAPLE PARK –A suspicious business owner dodged being scammed by a fake check for $6,976, according to Kane County Sheriff’s reports.

Equestrian Event LLC, 45W015 Welter Road, Maple Park reported on Oct. 28 that a person calling himself Johnson wanted to board his horse there and would send her a check, the transporter’s fee and an extra $50 for her inconvenience, the report stated.

The check should have been for $3,175, the cost of three months to board a horse, not $6,976, the report stated.

The owner was instructed to cash the check and send the excess money –$3,801 – back for the transporter fee, the report stated.

She turned the check, the envelope and all the emails over to deputies for investigation.

The bank name and signature appeared to be photo shopped, the report stated.

According to the Federal Trade Commission website,, people who overpay for something they are buying online or via email will ask a person to cash the check –and refund the balance back.

Fake checks can take weeks to be discovered and untangled, but by that time, the scammer has the money sent and the victim has to pay the money back to the bank, according to the website.

The FTC advises never to accept a check for more than the selling price.

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