Spring and summer storms can bring heavy rains that sometimes result in flooding.  While outdoor A/C units are built to withstand the elements, they can't sit in standing water without incurring damage to the components inside.  The water level has to be about a foot deep to affect the unit, but if your A/C has experienced any flooding whatsoever, it's best to have it inspected.  Here are 3 things to do if your A/C unit floods:

1.  Cut off the power by switching off the circuit breaker in your fuse box that is connected to the A/C unit.  Flooding can cause the unit's electrical systems to short circuit, and submerged parts may become corroded.  If you're not comfortable turning off the electrical switches, Golden Seal Service Experts can send a professional technician to safely help you with the process.

2.  Allow the A/C unit to dry out.  Remove any standing water, and clear any debris from the area.  Don't cover the unit with a tarp or other cover, as it can keep the unit from drying properly.  Moisture that can't escape the unit can cause rusting or other interior damage.

3.  Have the air conditioner inspected before turning the power back on.  Even if the unit appears to be in working order, any standing water inside could continue to cause damage over time.  The professionals at Golden Seal Service Experts can inspect the unit and give you the "all clear" after a flood.

If you know a huge rainstorm with potential flooding is on the way, there are several things you can do to protect the A/C unit.  Turning off the power to the unit, removing the electrical components inside, and stacking sandbags around the unit can help lessen potential damage.  For longer term protection, consider building a retaining wall around the unit.

For more information about what to do if your A/C unit floods, please contact:

Golden Seal Service Experts    

1730 Wallace Avenue, Unit B

St. Charles, IL 60174

Phone: 630-621-9784


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